We Are A Dedicated Family Business

Clare Darwish

Director - GutFiXx

Clare's own health story is closely linked with her health improvements when using green papaya powder. Losing 14kgs (31lbs) in 12 weeks and making changes to her eating lifestyle meant she had to buy a whole new wardrobe as she dropped 3 dress sizes over the 3 month period and reverted to the size she was in her early 20's. At 66 she does not take any medications whatsoever and loves to travel far and wide, helping Scott to share his story with others.

Scott Mathias

Self Healer - Holistic Health Coach

Scott owes his life to green papaya powder which literally helped him heal a myriad of potentially life threatening issues over an 18month period. He is the Author of numerous books and articles on good gut health and has created hundreds of wholefood plant based recipes that assist in the healing process of some chronic and minor conditions. He does not ascribe to any pharmaceutical medications and at 65yrs old, he enjoys a full, happy, healthy and active lifestyle.