The Ultimate GUTFIXX - How To Successfully Live A Plant Based Lifestyle book.

You are a micro representation of the macro earth. Not just a solution to gut issues, but a lifestyle for the health of the human body and the planet. The Ultimate GUTFIXx delivers a 24 hour approach to a clean eating and a healthy inner environment.

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With guidance and advice from the 'Gut Whisperer' Scott Mathias, and a variety of tasty and simple sugar-free, wheat free and 100% vegan recipes you will discover how gut health can help you tap into the pure inspiration which lies within each of us.

Author Scott Mathias became a fully plant-based chef and digestive health specialist and educator after suffering from a chronic digestive illness for 45yrs.  He is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Scott has made whole food plants a part of his everyday diet, consciously choosing to eat food that retains 100 per cent of its nutritional value.

Full of great wisdom and knowledge based on his own healing experience, The Ultimate GUTFIXx also has more than 80 wonderful plant based recipes - easy, tasty and 100% healthy and is full of Tips and Hints on how and why you can improve your diet on a daily basis.