3-Month Health Support Mentoring Program

This is a 3-month 'hand holding' support package taking you step by step through day to day choices. After an initial 1 hour Health Assessment you will receive a twice a month 30 minute consultation with Scott and 24/7 access via text or mobile, plus a copy of Scott's latest recipe book - Raw Vegan Meals, plus a .pdf copy of Understanding The Divine Gut and access to the Achieving Health Excellence Self Education Program.

  • Category: Long Term Programs
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours
  • Address: Black Mountain QLD, Australia (Map)
  • More Info: Skype and FaceTime




Often making initial choices can be difficult and working through confidence and personal trust issues can take time. 

Scott is your Health Support Mentor for the duration of the extended relationship.

Scott will support you not only with health issues but also work-place and relationship issues which might be impacting on your physical well being.

You will be provided with attainable goals allowing for 'before and after' analysis.

This package is designed using the fundamental principles of an Integrative Nutrition approach to health and healing. 

It also includes a copy of Scott's plant based recipe - 'Raw Vegan Meals', .pdf of his Understanding The Divine Gut' book and free access to Basics 101 'Achieving Health Excellence' Self healing program courtesy of gutfixxeducation.com