Sunny Seed Bread

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2 cups (280gm) sunflower seeds

1 red onion, diced

1 tomato, diced, or 4-6 sun-dried tomato halves, sliced & diced

1/2 red bell pepper, diced

1/2 cup (120mls) water, add as required

1 cup (140gm) ground flaxmeal


Add all the ingredients, except the flaxmeal, to a blender and blend until fully combined. Now add the flaxmeal and blend further ensuring the meal is fully incorporated.

Add just enough water in the blending process to create a firm dough-like mixture.

Take 1/3'rd of the mixture and place onto heat resistant telfex paper (silicon mat). Cover with baking paperor another sheet of teflex and roll out using a rolling pin to approximately 1/4 inch (2 cm). Remove the covering paper and score the surface of the flattened mixture to cracker size dimensions you prefer. Repeat until the mixture is used up.

Place the teflex onto trays and into your dehydrator for 8-12 hours, turning the sheets iver at the 3 hours mark and separating the pieces. They are ready when they are firm and crisp. If using an oven, use the same process bringing the oven up to. its lowest heat with the fan on and door open. Allow roughly half the time and check regularly.

Makes up to 36 pieces of seed bread.

Recipe copyright Scott Mathias 2014.Let's Eat RAW recipe book. New Holland Publishers.

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