How To Remove Mucus Forming Foods From Your Diet

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‘I only eat no mucus forming food – I take no medication and I remain very clear each day’.

Whilst the festive season is recognised for its very special ‘ill-health’ attributes, doctors in the US have concluded a study into the very effect unfortunately called the ‘festive season death effect’.

Heart attacks are more common at this time of year particularly as a result of coronary artery disease – where fatty plaques build up in narrow arteries to the heart. When plaque ruptures it triggers a blood clot, which leads to heart failure. Plaque also builds up inside the intestinal tract, which in turn puts extra pressure on the heart.

Unprocessed proteins (animal proteins which have not been broken down properly by the maceration affect of the gut)

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, and Tufts University School of Medicine examined 53 million U.S. death certificates over an 18-year period. What they discovered was an overall increase of 5% more heart-related deaths during the festive season. While other holiday periods showed increases in death because of heart failure – festive periods like Easter and Christmas showed the highest increase.

 Here is what plaque can look like inside your intestines. It is not a pretty sight.

how to remove mucus forming foods from your diet

 Here’s a closer look at what most people have inside their intestinal tract. Believe me this is not for the feint hearted but in essence a build up like this WILL ultimately stop your body working properly – it can KILL you.

Recently I came across a post on Facebook talking about Professor Arnold Ehret’s, mucus-less diet.  My kind of information.

how to remove mucus forming foods from your diet

Some of you who follow us closely to pick up snippets of good quality information will know that both Clare and I have completed a 7 day grape fast interspersed with colonics.  You should have seen what came out and while it wasn’t intestinal plaque (and why should it be because both of us have followed a healthy diet for much of our adult life), it still wasn’t pretty including pockets of ammonia and parasites of all sizes and proportions.  Yes even in a healthy body, parasites can reside, perhaps left over from my growing-up days in New Zealand in the 50’s and horrendous amounts of meat and dairy product.

Check out this girl’s facial appearance, which at any time shows me as a Gut Practitioner, more about what’s  NOT happening in a body than anything. I cannot tell you how long it took for her to look a very changed person but from a personal point of view; it took me 12-18 months to really see changes occur inside and outside of my body. Today I look clearer and younger than ever to remove mucus forming foods from your diet

So what is mucus-less food – firstly what it is NOT… is meat, wheat, dairy, grains, processed food, white sugar, white rice and eggs.

What doesn’t support the formation of mucus is:

  • Ample daily seasonal fruit either whole cut fruit salad or in fibre based smoothie form – a bowl of chopped fruit in the morning not only allows simple carbs to get to the brain but also the enzymes in the fruit help release waste from your bowel.
  • Ample daily green vegetables paired with natural flavours – sweet, sour, salty, creamy and crunchy. Check out my amazing recipes books on my web sites – recipes are simple and all ingredients are easily obtainable.
  • The inclusion of small amount of nuts – almond, cashew and seeds like sunflower, buckwheat (yes it’s a seed) and Pepita (pumpkin seeds). I say small amount – literally a small hand full of almonds a day is all the body needs for simple proteins, vitamins and trace minerals.
  • The inclusion of small amounts of oils like olive, hemp, moringa and natural occurring foods, which contain good plant based oils such as avocados and olives. Plant oils, for me, help ‘lubricate’ my innards and support my body’s need for amino acids.

How to prepare these foods in a way, which remains exciting and entertaining and should not be seen as hard or arduous.

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how to remove mucus forming foods from your dietFREE RECIPE Link CLICK HERE – watch videos and down load pdf’s to help you make a start.

It’s time to train your brain into feeling what good health feels like.  There is NO inevitability around disease.  I can assure you that there is another chosen path, which comes when you make changes, simple changes and YOU can begin right now.

Above all enjoy the process of change and have fun:)

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