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1 large tomato, plus extra to garnish

1/2 Lebanese cucumber

1/2 red bell pepper(capsicum), plus extra to garnish

1 spring onion (shallot)

2 teaspoons macadamia oil, olive oil will suffice too.

1/4 teaspoon paprika

2 teaspoons lime or lemon juice - add more or less to taste

salt and pepper to taste


Blend all the ingredients in either a blender or food processor until coarsely chopped and flowing.

Place in your freezer compartment for 5-10minutes to chill down ready for serving.

Pour off into a soup bowl and garnish with tomato, bell pepper and spring onion. Serve with Sunny Seed Bread.

Recipe Copyright Scott Mathias 2014. Let's Eat RAW recipe book. New Holland Publishers.

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