Diets, Detoxes & Digestive Dilemmas

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Oh dear me… here we go again!  Always questions about the endless round of diets, detoxes, digestive dilemmas, cleanses, fasts and who knows what else. Advertising comes  thick and fast in the mainstream and online media. Haven’t you learned yet that this is what you got involved many times before and you were left with NO long term benefits? Questions are asked daily and what is interesting is the average New Year diet resolution lasts 5.3 days.

These ‘unnatural’ and enforced physiological approaches just further traumatise the body and throw the balance of your being further out of whack.  Following up from this time of year with such punitive and restrictive action can cause deep-seated cellular and emotional stress.  Then dealing with say the post-vacation season reality that your credit card is maxed out, the kids need books and clothing for school, all mounts up.

This can be a time when ‘old patterns’ are confronted on the deeper spiritual level NOT just what you see standing in front of the bathroom mirror. YOU can retrieve you body weight, shape and almost your thought patterns as though you were a 22 year old.  In fact, pick an age and make that your perfect target.

Both Clare and I are about the same weight we were when 25 years old (and younger). We are both in our mind-60’s now and what is more important, we have put aside ALL outside efforts to capture our patronage via emotional stealth.  Would you like to do the same?

Resist the urge to get sucked into a weight loss, cleansing or detoxing scheme when you can do this daily for the rest of your life and recover your natural balance in a moderate and easy way.  Your body and mind WILL thank you for taking this different and calmer approach.

The BIG issue here is to develop an understanding about the efficiency of your gut function which 100% determines how well you are, what your body looks like, what your skin looks like and how your mind feels . If you thought you could get away with holiday indulgences then you are deluding yourself – too much animal protein, too much cooked food, too much sugar, too much alcohol – all add up to a dangerous life-threatening cocktail of physiological disaster just waiting to happen.  The older we get, the less chance the body can totally recover and find its balance again.
So what CAN you do?

Focus on using food and your gut function as your primary healing tools.  Most people operate on less than 15% gut efficiency because the gut is always trying to break down food – yes that’s 24hrs of being in ‘Digest Mode’.  The body has a rhythmical approach to processing food, absorbing nutrients and expelling waste.  Get into the rhythm and your way of life will begin to profoundly improve. Most peoples stomachs are ‘conditioned’ to exist in a state of trauma, by years of poor nutritional intake (ie eating the wrong kinds of foods or over-consuming).  The body compensates as best it can and this is why symptoms like bloating, stomach cramps, reflux, horrible skin issues, tiredness and lethargy, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, depression – to name just a few – become predominant. 

As I’ve said before, I used Dried Green Papaya to help my gut find itself again and in doing so, I found myself too.  At $55 for a 150g jar of powder filled with the papain enzyme, it’s a small investment.  By simply taking a flat teaspoonful in a little water after the main meal of the day the enzyme will break down the proteins in your tummy and bring fast relief.  A 150g jar will last a few months!.  This all-natural healing product has kept me out of the hands of the Medical/Pharmaceutical Mafia.  Some people say this is too expensive and others say it’s too cheap because of its effectiveness.  I say, what price for attaining excellent health?  It will cost you perhaps tens of thousands of dollars in chemo and radiation treatment if your body succumbs to the cancer fungus.  Not to mention lost income and the effect on a family and relatives should you go down this track?

Let me be very sincere – YOU DO NOT NEED TO BECOME SICK WITH CHRONIC ILLNESS – CHANGE WHAT YOU EAT AND HOW YOU LIVE NOW – and refuse to become a victim of the faddish diets and detox merchants – turn Diet into DO-IT.

Go boldly to some place you have never been before with your consciousness and take back you own power simply by integrating new ways into your everyday life NOT just for the next 31 days or so. This makes life a continuation for YOU and not a target for some one else who sees you coming year after year!

CLICK HERE for the link to the green papaya powder – all Australian, all pesticide-free and personally recommended as being one of the best, if not the best way to kick-start your gut function an get rid of those symptoms.  Then, support it by eating no meat, wheat, dairy, processed food or sugar.
My rich rewards can be yours now too.  There are more successful health stories emerging everyday.  You can be one too.  How does this feel for you ?

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