Bloated Stomach Remedy: Drink this straight after your main meal each day and see bloating disappear.

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Over indulgence in animal products, fatty, fast and sugary foods along with alcohol, all lacking in ‘life force’, will set the gut muscle into a state of spasm causing it to literally blow-up due to increased levels of acidity.

Some folk suggest drinking lemon water helps because as soon as it enters the body the citric acid becomes hyper-alkaline thus reducing acidity. But this is just a temporary aid. There is a long-term solution.

Bloating can be easily fixed completely by increasing your level of food awareness, in other words knowing what foods set it off in you, and getting your gut muscle to work again. How does the latter work?

I have used green papaya powder or green papaya, pineapple and turmeric to take over the food breakdown process – both these combinations contain protein hungry enzymes called papain and bromelain plus turmeric, which of course is anti-inflammatory.

This means as you begin to eat healthier food the green papaya powder will release trauma from the gut muscle allowing proteins including ALL ‘green’ proteins to breakdown completely, thus improving your levels of nutritional absorption through your small intestine. Maintaining good health is easier when the body is absorbing nutrients properly and no protein waste lingers in the body causing acidity.

When I began to do as I have just suggested within a matter of minutes my bloating was under control. My reflux also disappeared over time and the relief was amazing. I know I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for the humble yet miraculous papaya fruit.

I began by taking a flat teaspoon of green papaya powder (equivalent of 2 veggie tabs of either the green papaya powder or the green papaya, pineapple and turmeric combo) once a day after my main meal.

If I was out or needed to take outside my main mealtime then I would take more for relief.

Over time my gut muscle strengthened and life changed for the better.

Here’s a link where you can read more about the wonderful if not miraculous virtues of the dried green papaya fruit. LEARN MORE

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