Air, Water & MAGNESIUM – The Staples For Earthly Existence

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You can take absolute personal responsibility for turning any illness around right now, so that all pain goes and you get to enjoy a quality of life not yet imagined.

Personal healing is not a quick fix proposition but it does occur. In my own case it took 18 months to 2 years before ALL my ailments disappeared.

I experienced everything from:

  • Depression
  • Thyroid issues
  • Gut issues – bloating, reflux (which nearly killed me) and indigestion
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Skin issues – dermatitis and dry skin
  • Gout
  • General levels of despondency and a ‘gutfull of life’
  • Weight issues – I ended up losing 25kgs of unwanted body fat

As a biological computing device, the human body needs certain biochemical catalysts to work properly.

Apart from lots of fruit and vegetables and removing inflammatory foods such as meat, wheat, dairy, processed foods, grains and white sugar – there is a need to get quantities of magnesium back into the body daily.

RAW Magnesium Chloride Powder.

I’ve known of Hawaii-based MD Dr Carolyn Dean for some years.

She is known as the Magnesium Doctor.

Recently Dr Dean (pictured) created a list of contributing factors to magnesium deficiency, which will literally take your breath away.

Are you ready?

Dr. Dean wrote about magnesium depletion in the 2017 Edition of her book entitled “The Magnesium Miracle”.  Here is what she said:

1.  Athletic performance causes sweat loss of magnesium

2. Alcohol causes magnesium depletion due to its diuretic effect.

3. Antacids counteract stomach acid, decreasing magnesium absorption.

4. Acid rain is high in nitric acid, which draws calcium and magnesium out of the soil to try and neutralize the acidity and consequently depletes the soil of these minerals.

5. Caffeine causes magnesium depletion with its diuretic effect. It also stimulates the adrenal glands, causing adrenaline surges and magnesium loss.

6. Most drugs cause magnesium depletion; this is especially true of drugs containing fluorine atoms.

7. Fertilizers do not replace necessary minerals but are high in phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen. Excess potassium and phosphorus are preferentially absorbed into plants, inhibiting magnesium absorption.

8. Fluoride and fluorine in water, from dental procedures, in toothpaste, and in drugs bind magnesium, making it unavailable to the body. Magnesium fluoride (MgF2), called sellaite, is an insoluble compound and replaces magnesium in bone and cartilage with a brittle, unstable crystalline substance.

9. Food processing and cooking decrease magnesium levels.

10. Herbicides such as Roundup bind with magnesium, making it unavailable for plants to utilize for decades 11. Pesticides kill worms and bacteria and thus their function of processing the soil and breaking down minerals is lost, which means plants absorb fewer minerals.

12. Intestinal disease, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), leaky gut, gluten and casein sensitivities, fungus, and parasites, interferes with magnesium absorption.

13. Junk foods, especially sugar products, drain magnesium. The liver needs twenty-eight atoms of magnesium to process one molecule of glucose. Fructose requires fifty-six atoms of magnesium.

14. Meat from animals eating magnesium-depleted food is low in magnesium.

15. Oxalic acid (found in rhubarb, spinach, and chard) and phytic acid (found in cereal grains and soy) block absorption of magnesium.

16. Low potassium levels can increase urinary magnesium loss.

17. High-protein diets can decrease magnesium absorption and require more magnesium for digestion and assimilation.

18. Refining grains, especially rice and wheat, reduces magnesium. 

19. Sauna therapy for weight loss, to detox, or just to stay healthy can cause enough mineral loss through sweating to create magnesium deficiency symptoms. 

20. Soil on farmland is woefully depleted of magnesium.

21. Soil erosion makes it easier for heavy rain or irrigation to wash away soil, leading to a loss of minerals, including magnesium.

22. Stress or trauma of any type—physical, mental, emotional, environmental—can cause magnesium deficiency.

23. Stomach acid deficiency due to stress results in decreased absorption of magnesium.

24. Tannins in tea bind and remove minerals, including magnesium.

25. Trans fatty acids and mineral deficiency alter cell wall integrity, making the cell walls more rigid, which affects receptor site function and prevents the flow of nutrients in or out of cells.

26. Water softening treatment reduces magnesium. 

Dr Dean is also very hot on the use of weed killers and pesticides particularly those made by the manufacturer of Agent Orange, Monsanto, which has now been purchased by Bayer AG for a staggering $66 BILLION, creating the worlds largest seed, pesticide and herbicide company. 

The chemical glyphosate has been shown to now reside in waterways, airborne particles and residual presence in most processed foods and even drinking water. 

Monsanto’s Roundup widely used in both large agribusiness and domestically, actually binds magnesium, removing 50% of what little is left in the soil. Research further suggests that Roundup can have a very long half-life, as much as twenty-two years, in the soil. 37  (Note: In late 2016, Dean_9780399594441_2p_all_r1.indd  ‘Magnesium: The Missing Mineral.

Ensuring the food you eat each day is free of pesticides means one thing. 

What to do right now?

  • Take a MagChloride supplement on a daily basis.
  • Take a Magnesium bath at least twice a week.
  • Apply liquid magnesium chloride to the body everyday after your morning shower – nape of the neck, lower back, belly, solar plexus and wrists.
  • Eat clean green organic vegetables daily – organic section of the supermarket or farmers market
  • Drink 1.5litres of clean water daily (not tap water)
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  • Gut health is the basis of all good health and the role of magnesium is one of functional support. Whilst magnesium is attributed to helping remove symptoms the key is to ensure maximum absorption of trace minerals and vitamins due to optimum gut function. CLICK HERE for more information on green papaya powder.

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