2 Good Reasons To Start The Self-Healing Process Today.

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There are times when one is ill and all logical potential solutions proposed by the medical fraternity dry up. Dead.  Standstill.  Stop.  ‘You will never get better’.  ‘You will be taking these drugs for the rest of your life’.

Does any of this sound familiar?

It did for me many years ago, until I changed something in my own mindset.

Firstly, I am not my body. This wonderful biological computing device called the human body is just on loan to me.  When I began to see my body quite objectively and as an independent living and breathing data processing device, my approach to health and healing changed.

I began to see my body as a recipient of good quality nutritional data quite complimentary to the successful working of everything.

Just as your laptop needs really clear and concise data put into it, so too the  body.

I learnt that my gut only receives good quality plant based data designed by nature to be recognised by my gut computer in the first instance and then separated and combined nutrients in the form of vitamins, minerals, fats and starches – absorbed by the small and to a minor degree, the large intestine.

So while I have been praising the virtues of green papaya powder for all of the last 11 years, it’s great to hear what other people have to say about using this wonderful miracle of nature. Hear what Maureen has to say about her green papaya fruit powder experience.

EVERYTHING about good health rests on the ability of the gut to breakdown proteins and this, combined with the role of the pancreas to provide hydrochloric acid and the liver (gall bladder) to provide bile for further interactive breakdown, means optimum functionality.

From a purely integrative perspective, what is or isn’t happening in your gut is often impacted by stress associated with external issues going on in your life.

Many people I see complain of their past impacting on their present day emotions. From personal experience, this is massive for so many people.

I have deduced that ALL negative emotional experiences, particularly from an early age, are trapped in the body.

How did I remove these negative emotions?

For almost 3 years I undertook a gradual process of non-cathartic release using the B.E.S.T – Bio Energetic Synchronisation Technique process. Here is a link to the BEST site operated now by the sons and daughter of the creator of the BEST approach, Dr Morter.

CLICK HERE for background on the process CLICK HERE for connecting to Pam Siddins, an ELITE Master Practitioner here on the Sunshine Coast in QLD, Australia.  My opinion is that BEST is 50 years ahead of its time. Some months ago I entered a session with Pam Siddins with the pure intent of being freed from ALL past negative emotional knots which had taken up residence in my body.My session was 100% successful.

I no longer need to see Pam but do so from time to time just to support the re-balancing process in these times of fast moving spacial and earth energies.

So, getting your body FREE of emotional discord is one thing.  Getting your gut working again is another.  Here's what another client says about her green papaya experience.

Let me be quite emphatic with the following words.  Green Papaya powder is not just another product.  It is a true gift from nature.  It is one of God’s real miracle fruits.

Is it the ‘end all and be all’?  NO, not by a long shot.  It's just one aspect of taking personal responsibility for your own health and healing.  

I had a client recently return from her Doctor (yes she has feet in both camps of belief) where he said that she would never be cured of her malaise.  In Australian Aboriginal folk law there are stories about people having ‘bones pointed at them’ – in other words cursed by the words and thoughts of others.

Did my client have the bone pointed at her?   Well only she will know that.  


No Doctor can do what I do for my body each day.  Off the end of my fork and from my mind come the very tools needed for successful healing.  Here’s to your good health.  

If you have any queries about the efficiency of green papaya powder please feel free to email HERE.

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