Consultation - 1hr

A 1 hour consultation with Scott Mathias will take you through a full health assessment and can be conducted either in a person here on the Sunshine Coast or via Skype or FaceTime. You will be sent a 2 page Health History Form to complete PRIOR to your consultation and this will be used to help identify existing or potential issues that may affect your health.

  • Category: Personal Consultation
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours
  • Address: Verrierdale QLD, Australia (Map)
  • More Info: Skype or FaceTime




A comprehensive Health Assessment taking an Integrative approach to making self healing choices. This an opportunity to 'drill-down' on aspects of your external life and your internal biology. The two are intrinsically connected with a correlation between what is happening in your external world impacting on your internal health. 

On many occasions the causes of health issues or recurring symptoms are in fact a functional issue, like a slow acting gut metabolism.

Scott will support you to pin-point the  the cause of health issues and provide you with a series of choices - holistic, allopathic or energetic.

Almost 100% of the time what is uncovered forms the foundation for moving forward with your self healing program.

You will also receive some healthy recipe ideas and have a better understanding of how the food that you eat on a daily basis improves or impacts your health.