Green Papaya – The Miracle Fruit

Green Papaya – The Miracle Fruit

Most chronic illness is generated from the gut and in particular what enters your blood stream through the intestinal lining.’

Since time immemorial the paw paw, sometimes called papaya (carica papaya), has been a crucial ingredient in natural healing, and has also been part of the staple diet of many of the planets indigenous peoples. Papain is the living enzyme within the flesh of both a green and ripe paw paw, and is renowned for its ability to break down protein.

There are some amazing stories about the wonders of the paw paw, but I will preface what I am about to share with you with the following words of caution; in this day and age it is still important to consult a medical practitioner to determine any health issues and to listen to what options they might have to offer.

Miracle Fruit

From a scientific perspective paw paw contains acetogenins which modulate the production of ATP or adenosine triphosphate in mitochondria of cancer cells. The enzyme in the paw paw is also referred to as a ‘protein eater’ because that’s exactly what it does, as well as seek out ‘high energy’ users within the cellular environment. An example of these types of cells are cancer cells which use high levels of energy to stay alive.

If you are fit and well, your digestive system is working properly, and you have no diagnosed cancerous condition, then processed (extract or dried) forms of the fruit are ok to use to maintain optimum gut health. Remember, it loves to eat up protein forms like parasites and bacteria so if you don’t have a great deal of these in your system, then supplements or leaf tea are not going to be very effective. In fact, if you are perfectly healthy and clean, then I recommend you sit back with a slice of ripe paw paw with a squeeze of lime on top of it each morning and relax. Now I take regular updates of Paw Paw – usually my green papaya powder with water added and a squeeze of lime. For much of my life I had trouble with a hiatal hernia and suffered from the most chronic reflux. I don’t anymore because my gut – my warp core of my personal Starship – is processing proteins more efficiently than before and has developed a certain  ‘operational efficiency’ per se. When I don’t need to take it, especially as I have virtually cut ALL heavy proteins from my diet (red meat, pork and heavy cheeses in particular, milk and flour based products) then my gut feels good with no bloating, belching or flatulence.

My Experience

Based on the number of people who visit my farmers’ market stall every weekend, I can confidently say that much of the Australian population suffers from a gut issue characterised by reflux, heartburn, indigestion, bloating or digestive discomfort. For me the response to taking green papaya powder was almost instant; after more than 40-years of suffering from digestive dysfunction I felt relief. It got better every night from there on and after a few months my gut was almost back to normal.

Now I take regular doses of papain, usually through my green papaya powder with water added and a squeeze of lime, but also via a tea brewed from the paw paw leaf on occasion. For much of my life I had trouble with a hiatal hernia and suffered from chronic reflux. I don’t anymore because my gut, or what I like to call the warp core of my personal starship is processing proteins more efficiently than before and has developed a kind of ‘operational efficiency’ over time. When I don’t take it, then my gut still feels good with no bloating, belching or flatulence.

The picture below is a tea made from the paw paw leaf. I recently made a brew of this tea by steeping as many green paw paw leaves as I could into boiling water. The upshot after a couple of hours simmering was the most horrifically smelling and tasting leaf tea my taste buds have ever been exposed to. However, as my old Gran would say ‘bad taste makes better’. I continued to sip 20ml of the leaf tea every few hours for a few days until I noticeably felt more relaxed and, clearer in my head. I suspect this was due mainly to a good parasite kill-off.

All the products I produce are food based and part of a functional, natural approach to life. Like the leaf tea, many of my products are not just based on the taste and appearance of the food but also its ‘wholeness’ derived from its energy and how it might affect your bio-system. In other words, one develops a relationship with the food long before it enters your mouth.

If you’d like to obtain some green papaya powder go through to my website. We ship worldwide.

Informative Resources

I would like to share some links with you talking more about the benefits of papaya powder. Have a look and make up your own mind about how you’d like to approach your own healing, but remember to please canvas all options with your health professional.

Life is about making choices; none of them are better or worse, they are just choices. I found choices tend to present themselves when knowledge about a given matter is present. Everyone is different and what may work for one may not work for another. Call it ‘gut feeling’, then go with it whether its allopathic medicine with a pharmaceutical treatment or another option like my dried green papaya powder or leaf tea. The choice is yours and yours alone.  You can purchase some now from our online shop.

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